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    The islands are sometimes granted “human, all too human” features; they are just like ourselves: peaceful, unknown, barren, mysterious, not particularly hospitable or welcoming, deserted, volcanic, damned and sometimes also – we do not mind repeating – happy. Some of them are overloaded with an onerous bundle of the past, which jeopardises their balance. Those which do not manage to be listed in the protocol of the coast remain forever orphans, solitary or dissident. The reefs which surround their accesses have inspired exciting or terrifying tales, preserved by superstition or faith.

    Most islands, big and small, look forward to that event which, in all other respects, has already happened on a number of occasions. On the docks people lie in wait for the arrival of a ship: a mock show, a suspicion of adventure. Islands.

    El Mediterráneo y Europa Pedrag Matvejevic.