A professional stay at Fairfield High School in Peterchurch


I am Elvira García Arnal and I have done a professional stay at Fairfield High School in Peterchurch, Hereford (UK) from 4th to 17th October 2015.

Being a secondary teacher of History and Geography who teaches in English following CLIL methodology through the bilingual programme established by the Spanish Ministry of Education and the British Council, this professional stay has been crucial to improve my delivery of the British-Spanish integrated curriculum at my school, IES Pedro de Luna in Zaragoza.

Fairfield High School is an outstanding secondary school located in a rural area that gives character to the institution. Animal care, Textiles, Food Technology, Constructions, Music and Drama are some of its subjects.

I have observed a number of Geography and History lessons, noticing some significant differences. Each classroom is connected to a subject and a teacher, and full of prompts and books. Study cases and real life links are important in Geography. Working with sources and writing essays are essential in History. The methodology of both subjects promotes learning, understanding and awareness of the skills assessed in the exams.

I have helped in the Spanish lessons too. The Head of MFL, Mrs Sam Price, has been my host teacher, being really helpful, professional and caring. We will keep in touch exchanging experiences and planning common activities, if posible.

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So, I am very happy after my stay at Fairfield, having improved both my English and professional competences. I am convinced that is a step further beyond a teacher training course, because it is more intensive, practical and emotional. In fact, I hope to meet again all my friends from Fairfield.

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